Creating a New Language on the IBM i as a College Project (in RPG!)

  IT Architecture, Methodology and Test
  Jun 14, 2021

This presentation will demonstrate how I’ve developed a programming language and virtual machine on an IBM i system. It will focus on the language, named TOP, and what features it covers. As well as this, the virtual machine which interprets and runs an instruction set generated by the programming language – all written in RPG. This presentation will also contain sneak previews of a package manager for IBM i and a debugger for the virtual machine. I’m passionate about IBM i and this originally started out as a college project, but has evolved into something bigger. It will show that developing on IBM i can still be fun.BD

Speaker: Liam Allan

Session Handout: 32e TOP2.pdf

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Liam Allan

Trainee Software Developer, CoralTree Systems , England

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