Tips and Tricks for Data Structures and Arrays

  Application #2
  Kungsholmen 2
  Jun 14, 2021

In this session you will learn how to define qualified and unqualified data structures and array data structures and how to initialize them in fixed and free format. You will get a lot of tips how subfields, subfield data structures and subfield arrays can be defined and overlaid. This session will also show you how to sort and scan array data structures and overlaid arrays. 

Once upon the time subfields in data structures must have been defined by specifying with the from and to positions, which was rather complicated for packed subfields and even more complicated as soon as a subfield must have been enhanced. … But in a world where data structures must be able to hold complex XML-structures a simple from/to specification will be barely adequate. To meet these particular requirements data structure and array definition capabilities got enormously enhanced. For example subfields can be defined with their absolute definition, like a reference variable or even like a reference data structure and can overlay each other. Data structures and data structure subfield can be defined as array. New capabilities allow array data structures and overlaid subfield arrays to be sorted and scanned.

Speaker: Birgitta Hauser, Toolmaker Advanced Efficiency GmbH

Session Handout: 33d Data structures and arrays.pdf

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Birgitta Hauser

Software & Database Engineer, Toolmaker Advanced Efficiency GmbH

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