System replacement in an entangled reality

  IT Architecture, Methodology and Test
  Jun 13, 2021

Modernization and transformation projects tend to focus on the new system and the new and improved functionality.

In a lot of the projects I’ve run into the toughest challenges has however been in integrating the new system into the existing system landscape. How to systematically replace functions during a transformation program that might run for months or even years while minimizing the  impact and complexity of the project. During this session you will hear how we have split the large programs into more manageable projects, minimized the impact on surrounding systems and forced the old systems to systematically be closed down. This has resulted in a modernization pattern that is based on variants of for example the strangler pattern, business insight, pragmatic thinking and a real life experience of how to manage complex transformations.

Speaker: Henrik Glimberg, Tieto

Session Handout: 23E System replacement in an entangled reality.pdf

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Henrik Glimberg

Architect Consultant, Lead Enterprise , Sweden

Henrik Glimberg is working at Lead Enterprise as Architect Consultant.

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