RPG Tricks and Techniques

  Application #2
  Kungsholmen 2
  Jun 13, 2021

RPG Tricks and Techniques

This session covers tricks and techniques for the RPG IV programmer.
Come to this session and learn some of the things that you may not have known about

  • The H Spec
  • Compiler Directives
  • The D Spec
  • Sorting Arrays
  • Using dynamic memory allocation
  • Using integers
  • Using indicators
  • Triggers
  • Constraints
  • Record Locking techniques
  • Other bits and pieces

Speaker: Paul Tuohy, ComCon

Session Handout: 24D RPG Tricks and Techniques.pdf

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Paul Tuohy

, ComCon

Paul Tuohy has specialized in application development and training on IBM midrange systems for more than 20 years.

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