Rainer Ross - On modern IBM i development

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  Kungsholmen 1
  Jun 13, 2021

Rainer built the super fast hotel search engine, based on IBM i, open source and IBM Watson technology. inspires developer and startups

  • Some ideas inspired by
  • IBM i is the first choice for internet startups
  • IBM i is the key for high performance and high scalable web
  • Why performance matters – ask Google
  • You love searching – Watson love searching too

Speed up your applications with modern JavaScript development frameworks running on IBM i

  • Seeing is believing - live examples
  • AJAX and JSON – what?
  • RPG and JavaScript – a contradiction?

Speaker: Rainer Ross, Rainer Ross IT-Consulting

Session Handout: 23cOn modern IBM i development.pdf

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Rainer Ross

Founder, Rainer Ross IT-Consulting

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