Manage Work Better with Better Work Management

  System Management
  Courtyard 8 & 9
  Jun 13, 2021

The IBM i 7.2 release includes some significant enhancements for managing temporary storage on IBM i; the management of temporary storage is now more robust and there are additional ways to determine what jobs are consuming temporary storage. In addition, over the past two years, IBM has made many enhancements to the work management capabilities of IBM i via PTFs. This presentation will review those changes, which include workload groups, better inactive job management, improved management when the job tables get full, as well as more control when jobs reach their storage or CPU limits. This presentation will also review best practices for managing work - jobs and related output - to keep your system running its best.

Speaker: Dawn May, IBM

Session Handout: 24b Better Work Management June 2016 MASTER.pdf

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Dawn May


Dawn May is a Senior Technical Staff Member for IBM in Rochester, Minnesota

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