Let's Get Mobile - a Hands On Introduction to IBM i Mobile Access

  System Management
  Courtyard 8 & 9
  Jun 14, 2021

Managing your IBM i systems as well as providing user access from any mobile device (cell phones and tablets) is becoming more and more of a requirement for many businesses ging how we access and manage our IBM i systems. We. In response to this, on April 28, 2022 IBM announced the Technology Preview of the IBM i Mobile Access Solution to begin addressing these needs. This solution has now entered GA Level support with the latest PTF SI56123 which was available May 20, 2015. During this session we will present an overview of the solution, highlighting some of the latest enhancements made. Then we will move into a live demo of the product, where participants will be able to follow along on their own mobile device. You will have opportunities to interact with the solution, becoming more familiar with the 5250 interface, running SQL Queries, interacting with Printed Output, the IFS and more.
Learning Objective:
Learn about access and managing your IBM i from a mobile device

Speaker: Tim Rowe, IBM

Session Handout: 34b Lets Get Mobile Hands on with IBM i Mobile Access.pdf

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Tim Rowe

Business Architect, IBM Rochester

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