Integrated Web Application Server for IBM i - Leveraging Liberty

  System Management
  Courtyard 8 & 9
  Jun 13, 2021

The IBM i operating system had been shipping a Web Server integrated into the OS for many years. The Web Server has been updated!! It is now based on the new WebSphere Liberty Server. This means you can now run your WebSphere or Tomcat applications on your IBM i without having to set up a complicated environment. Simplify your Web Applications using the recently updated integrated server.
Learning Objectives:
Learn about the new Integrated server
We will look at how to quickly and easily set up a new instance for you to use, the benefits of this simplified approach and how you can leverage in your environment
Tim Rowe, IBM

Speaker: Tim Rowe, IBM

Session Handout: 26b Leveraging Liberty.pdf

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Tim Rowe

Business Architect, IBM Rochester

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