IBM i Performance Tools for Application Developers

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  Jun 12, 2021

As an application developer, have you ever asked yourself how you can determine if your application will perform and scale well?
Do you know how to determine if you have any bottlenecks or contention points in your application?
Have you used IBM i performance tools to analyze your application if you are told the application is not performing well?

IBM i Performance Tools, in particular Job Watcher, can provide you with in-depth information about the performance and scalability of your application.
Job Watcher is a very powerful tool that can help you identify and resolve contention issues as well as identify and resolve many other types of performance problems.

This session will begin with an introduction to IBM i wait accounting and Collection Services. It will then focus on how to use Job Watcher, the power of the data it provides, and how to leverage Performance Data Investigator (PDI) to analyze the data. An overview of the Performance Explorer profile mode data will also be covered. The presentation will then work through example scenarios, showing performance graphs and describing what those graphs tell you. These examples will reinforce how you can use Job Watcher data in combination with PDI to analyze your performance data and resolve issues in your own environment.

Speaker: Dawn May, IBM

Session Handout: IBM i Performance Tools for Application Developers June 2016.pdf

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Dawn May


Dawn May is a Senior Technical Staff Member for IBM in Rochester, Minnesota

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