HMC, IBM I, FSP, & Firmware: Putting all the pieces together

  Courtyard 6 & 7
  Jun 14, 2021

The name “IBM i” isn’t all that’s new to the platform we know and love. Come to this session and dissect all the new components and concepts involved with partitioning your IBM Power Systems. Learn how all the pieces connect to each other, what you need to do to set them up, and how to manage and upgrade them. Get a handle on the various components of the Hardware Management Console (HMC), the Flexible Service Processor (FSP), and the Advanced Systems Management Interface (ASMI). Find out about the firmware in your machine, and how to make the required updates to it in an LPAR environment or on a standalone machine. Get tips for upgrading and setting up communications between the HMC and FSP as well as insight on where the ASMI fits in. Leave this session with up-to-date knowledge on these important hardware features of IBM PowerSystems & IBM i.

Speaker: Pete Massiello, iTech Solutions Group

Session Handout: 31a Putting the pieces together HMC_FSP_firmware_ASMI_andOS.pdf

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Pete Massiello

, iTech Solutions Group

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