From Modernization to DevOps: Faster Value at Minimum Risk

  Application #1
  Courtyard 6 & 7
  Jun 13, 2021

Today there is a premium on the speed with which IT can deliver software, and the advance of web and mobile devices has put us in hyperdrive. Delivering value at the speed of the business with minimum risk has made DevOps a key competitive differentiator.

This session gives an educational view of DevOps, for any IBM i organization aspiring to be lean and agile. Discover how DevOps (short for Development and Operations) enhances collaboration in the software delivery processes in your company, bringing a massive advantage in time-to-market and system reliability.

During this session, you will learn how DevOps provides the basis for any modernization strategy on IBM i, at all layers of your application (database, business logic and UI):

• Accelerates software delivery, reduces risk, and secures reliability
• Keeps development in sync with business goals via continuous test and delivery
• Shortens the user feedback loop, to deliver a higher quality user experience

Speaker: Philippe MAGNE

Session Handout: 27A From Modernization to DevOps Faster Value at Minimum Risk.pdf

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Philippe MAGNE (Exhibitor)

Philippe Magne is CEO and Founder of the ARCAD Software group, ARCAD Software group , France

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