FlashDisk and external storage - SVC to IBM Power

  Courtyard 6 & 7
  Jun 14, 2021

Is it time to go external storage with IBM i? What about performance? What about reliability? How do I build my solution redundant? Could there be advantages of storage functionalities which also is good for IBM i?

Going external storage for IBM gives you new flexibility from the open world of storage. Virtualize by bullet proof SVC, build your high performance, fault tolerant, right sized and priced storage solution. Dedicated or shared, it's all there. No more lock-in, no more machine upgrade big projects, it's all open, well proven and ready for Your IBM i.

Speaker: Tore Thon, Pedab Norway

Session Handout: 33a CEC2016_14062016_v1.0.pdf

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Tore Thon

Server and Storage Solution Expert, Pedab Norway , Norway

Tore Thon is a Server and Storage Solution Expert at Pedab Norway AS

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