Building Your First App with ExpressJs (Node.js)

  Application #2
  Kungsholmen 2
  Jun 13, 2021

Node.js is a hot topic in IBM i circles because of its recent port.

  Doing a "Hello World" app in Node.js is very simple, but what about developing something more substantial with full model-view-controller capabilities?  This session aims to take you beyond your first pass at Node.js and show how to use one of the most popular Node.js web frameworks, Express.js.

In this session we will learn about the following:

Installing ExpressJs with npm (Node Package Manager)
Model: DB2 for i access
View: Template Engines and how to use them
Controller: Routing requestsImplement web sockets to make the app insanely interactive

Speaker: Aaron Bartell, KrengelTech

Session Handout: 26d Nodejs_expressjs.pdf

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Aaron Bartell

, KrengelTech , United States

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