Web development made easy. LANSA’s game changer

  Application #1
  Jun 13, 2021

Developing Web applications can be frustrating because of the vast choice of development tools, programming languages and JavaScript frameworks available. Will the application have to run in multiple browsers? Will the user interface provide a user experience that engages customers and staff? Where will the business logic run – in the browser, on the server or distributed across both? Then there is integration with line-of-business systems to consider.

What if you could remove all of these frustrations by using a single development tool that can fix the problems and change the game? Well – you can!
Visual LANSA is that all encompassing tool.

Speaker: Jan de Putter, LANSA

Session Handout: Common Sweden - 2016.pdf

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Jan de Putter (Exhibitor)

EMEA Partner Manager, LANSA , Netherlands

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