The secrets behind the modernization at HT Bendix

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  Kungsholmen 1
  Jun 13, 2021

You have the unique opportunity to see how different technologies have been used in the modernization process IT manager Jesper Hemmet Omer talks about Tuesday morning at 10:00
You will see how we have used Node.js on IBM i™ to create a dynamic PDF catalog on the fly. How data have been stored in JSON format in DB2 and how legacy applications can benefit from open-source projects. All-in-all - How IBM i™ can be turned into a powerful webserver delivering a modern responsive website for any device. How framework like ExtJS can turn traditional 5250 screens into consolidated web applications supporting employees around the globe – even in China.
This will be presented with breath taking live examples by our Chief Software Architect Niels Liisberg.
Don't miss this opportunity!
.. and remember the session with IT Manager Jesper Hemmet Omer tomorrow:

Speaker: Niels Liisberg, System & Method A/S

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Niels Liisberg (Exhibitor)

, System & Method A/S , Denmark

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