Foundations in SQL for i

  Application #2
  Kungsholmen 2
  Jun 12, 2021

SQL is being used more and more by the RPG programmer. Not only is SQL replacing DDS for defining databases but it is being used extensively within RPG programs.


This deep dive concentrates on the how to code SQL's Data Manipulation Language (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) and how to embed SQL in RPG programs. There is also an overview of SQL's Data Definition Language (DDL) . It is assumed that the attendee has some basic SQL language experience - such as using interactive SQL to query a table.

  • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Retrieving Data (SELECT, FROM, WHERE, ORDER BY)
  • Updating Data (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE
  • GROUP BY, HAVING, Column Functions
  • SQL Functions
  • Selecting From Multiple Tables/Views
  • Embedded SQL
  • Basic Syntax
  • Using host variables
  • Using a SELECT statement
  • Using a Cursor
  • Identifying and handling errors
  • The power of INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE
  • Compile options

Speaker: Paul Tuohy

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Paul Tuohy

, ComCon

Paul Tuohy has specialized in application development and training on IBM midrange systems for more than 20 years.

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