Extend and Enhance your IBM PowerHA Protection

  Courtyard 8 & 9
  Jun 13, 2021

Session abstract: The purpose of this session is to highlight the additional steps you can take to extend the HA protection of your IBM PowerHA for i environments. Topics of discussion will include extending protection to data and application in SYSBAS to meet the needs of the many businesses that have applications that cannot operate within an IASP. We will also discuss expanding protection to include additional backup servers that mitigate the risk of site failure or unplanned outages during server maintenance.

Learning objectives:
• Develop an awareness of options to extend IBM PowerHA protection
• Understand how to combine technologies to optimize HA protection
Audience: IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i administrators who want to enhance and extend their high availability and disaster recovery protection.

Session Level: Intermediate
Vendor mention? No
Notes: Vision Solutions

Speaker: Stephan Leisse, Vision Solutions

Session Handout: COMMON 2016 Extend and Enhance your IBM PowerHA Protection - STEPHAN LEISSE.pdf

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Stephan Leisse (Exhibitor)

Solutions Architect, Vision Solutions , Deutschland

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