CEC 2016 Speakers

Åke H Olsson

Senior Consult

Åke H Olsson is working as senior consult with PDB Datasystem.

Åke is a Senior Consultant with PDB Datasystems, Jönköping Sweden

He has been active in systems development for over 40 years and has been working on various platforms and applications –both nationally and internationally.

For most of the time this has been in a role as a consultant.

For quite a few years his focus has been mainly on the “I” (and predecessors).

A huge interest is application modernization for the I.

Ake has been a regular contributor to the Data3 magazine and has spoken on application modernization issues on previous conferences.


Company: PDB Datasystem
Country: Sweden
Linkedin: Åke H Olsson
www: -
Twitter: -
E-mail: -

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