IBM Support team

Meet IBM's Support Team with 14 participants that have relocated part of their Stockholm based support centre to Common Europe Congress 2016.

It's a mix of Power & Storage tech's, including Enhanced Technical Support (ETS) account advocates, this to discuss problems, maintenance or questions you may have out of an technical support perspective.
We can also discuss TSS capabilities in a wider perspective, i.e non IBM product (MVS) support, upgrades, healthchecks, single point of contact services beside traditional technical support.  

If  there is a need during the congress we can help or guide you to open service request...


The following people will be represented:


Anders Sundin
Bo Nyberg
Erik Skowron
Göran Andersson
Håkan Andersson
Lars-Göran Westberg
Rolf Lindblom
Kenneth Carlsson
Lars Carlsson
Nikolaos Kosmidis
Jonas Engvall
Sandra Ljungquist
Fredrik Laurin
Kristian Weckström